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Twelve new names!

dEUS, Arsenal, Jasper Steverlinck, Calexico, General Elektriks, Sonnfjord, Soviet Suprem, DBFC, Todiefor, King Child, Therapie Taxi and Ofenbach have been confirmed for the 17th edition of the Brussels Summer Festival from August 14th to 18th.

It's an event! Absent from the scenes for a year and a half, dEUS will be back this summer. The band from Antwerp led by the charismatic Tom Barman, will perform their greatest classics and introduce their new guitarist Bruno De Groote on the Place des Palais on August 17th. Good news comes in pairs: Arsenal, another jewel of our black-yellow-red scene, is also featured in this year's 2018 edition. John Roan and Hendrik Willemyns are still in charge of this band, always on the lookout for new sounds. After four sold out concerts at l’Ancienne Belgique last December, Arsenal will unveil the gems of their sixth album In The Rush Of Shaking Shoulders – expected to release in April – on August 18th at the BSF.

Angel voice, tortured soul and refined songwriting, Jasper Sterverlinck is also back in the spotlight. Going back to the roots, his new album Night Prayer, released on March 23rd, was preceded by the poignant single Here's To Love. As the anthem of hope for De Warmste Week from Studio Brussel, Here's To Love raised more than ten million euro for charitable organizations. A great heart and a great singer.

If we talk about dusty deserts, cactus, mariachi and tequilas flowing between two run-ups of tex-mex guitars, you will of course think of Calexico. The BSF is proud to welcome the Tuscon group. Joey Burns and John Convertino reinvent themselves once again on their new album Thread That Keep Us released last January. Should we also add that Calexico has had a great love story with Belgium since its debut in 1998. Twenty years later, the romance continues...

With Sonnfjord, it's charm that invites itself on August 14th. Sonnfjord, a name that came from the cold for a local band led by singer Maria-Laetitia Materne. Revealed with electro/pop singles Dust And Shapes and Lights, Sonnfjord announces a new EP for April 20th. Careful, you won’t be able to resist!
Under his real name Luca Pecoraro, Todiefor fell into the electro kettle in 2014. On the grounds of a handful of inventive singles such as Beautiful and Never Met You, he has built a solid reputation for himself on the dancefloor. Rising star of the dancefloor, he is will be at the BSF on August 18th.

Change of atmosphere with King Child, who will perform on August 16th. Conceived between Lyon and Brussels, King Child is the new baby of singer Quentin Hoogaert and multi-instrumentalist Jean Prat. On the first album Meredith released last fall, this duo crosses Radiohead/Coldplay influences on electric guitars and electro arrangements. To discover.

With three members nicknamed Sylvester Stalin, John Lenin and DJ Croute Chef, you can expect a good mood with Soviet Suprem performing at the BSF on August 14th. Mixing French lyrics, electro-martial beats and Balkan influences, this funny, crazy bunch offer a completely unbelievable musical madness on stage. The time for glasnost has come.

Born from the meeting between Bertrand Lacombe from Bordeaux and David Shawa from Manchester, the DBFC project, expected to perform on August 15th at the BSF, takes us back to the beautiful times of the eighties cold-wave and disco novo with a touch of modernity that is not lacking in relevance.

At the helm of General Elektriks for the past fifteen years, Hervé Salters has just placed his new album Carry No Ghosts in orbit where his mix of funk, hip hop and electro is particularly impressive. Renowned for the energy of their fiery live performances, General Elektriks is ready for you on August 17th.

With its mix of pop, electro and deep-house, the Parisian duo Ofenbach, César Laurent de Rummel and Dorian Lauduique, has found the perfect recipe to make us move. Their delicious Katchi, enhanced by California singer Nick Waterhouse's voice, still resonates in all minds. Rendez-vous with with Ofenbach on August 18th.