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Seven new names for the line up!

La Smala, Lord Gasmique, Noa Moon, Clara Luciani, The Inspector Cluzo, Raxola, Youngr are confirmed for the 17th edition of the Brussels Summer Festival which takes place from August 14th to 18th.

After Orelsan and Roméo Elvis, the Brussels Summer Festival's line up is enriched with new hip-hop names. We start with the group from Brussels: La Smala who will bring us their third album 11h59, released at the beginning of this year. Seyté, Senamo, Rizla, Shawn-h, F.L.O. and the unavoidable DJ X-Men present us with a rap without clichés and without borders, perfectly in tune with this era.
Nineteen-year-old Lord Gasmique is already making a name for himself in the scene. Noticed for his raw lyrics, harsh flow and energetic live performances, the boy imposed his track Sans Limites on the already cult soundtrack of the movie Les Tueurs.

We left Noa Moon as a post folk teenager, drifting from stage to stage with her hit Paradise. In 2017, she returned as a modern woman completely transformed on Azurite, the second pop/folk album she brilliantly defended on stage. Noa Moon was awarded a D6bels Music Award in the category "Female solo artist". Her concert at the BSF will be one of the last opportunities to see her on stage this year.
Not to be missed either: Clara Luciani. Model-sized, deep voice and glamorous lyricism, the young French singer was awarded the Inrocks Lab 2016 prize, was the female lead singer for La Femme and Nouvelle Vague before announcing her first 4 tracks EP in 2017. She will release her first album Sainte-Victoire on April 6th.

Under the pseudonym The Inspector Cluzo, the French duo made up by Malcolm Lacrouts and Phil Jourdain have been reinventing the term fusion for ten years by mixing guitar and drums on an explosive mix of funk/rock. To celebrate a decade at the top of the groove, the Mont-de-Marsan duo announced We The People Of The Soil, a sixth album recorded in Nashville in the studio of Vance Powell, producer of Jack White or Seasick Steve.
Another anniversary for Belgian punk legend Raxola, who celebrates his 40th birthday with an album (Guts Out) and a tour. No future they were saying. Pfff...

The latest confirmed artist will please dancefloor fans. Youngr, a project by the London-based one-man orchestra Dario Darnell, is electro with a high added pop value that will be present at the BSF.